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2017; The deal breaker

A clash of egos in the golden era of Hollywood creates disastrous results, nothing is what it seems and there is trouble in paradise behind the scenes of 'The Trask Family Values Show', who will win, who will lose and more importantly, who cares?


2016; Letters from the Holocaust

Intense and dramatic recounting of a solitary womans last days in a NAZI prisoner of war camp, directed and written by Ciaron Davies, with Fionnuala Collins



In a Viking village a disagreement over a woman goes terrible wrong. There will be only one outcome and that is death 



The worlds worst gangsters attempt to have a secret meeting after a botched job, get their wires crossed and all hell breaks loose


2013; Grace O' Malley- A prelude to a war

The story of Grace O' Malley, the 16th Century Irish Pirate queen. This gritty and dark short gives an exciting insite into the life of the legendry 'Pirate Queen'. Starring Fionnuala Collins and written and directed by Ciaron Davies. It also features Peter Cosgrove, Dave Swift and Marcus Seoighe. It is currently in post production and is a prelude to the feature film "Grainne Uaile-The Movie".




2012;The 5th Dimension

 An epic short film, The 5th Dimension chronicles the eternal battle between Fate and Destiny as they travel through alternative realities locked in an immortal conflict. Shot entirely on green screen, this film has elements of noire, horror and dark fantasy and has the look and style of a 1940's graphic comic book. It is available for viewing in a 3D Digital Cinema Print.




2011/2012; THE FINAL DUEL

 A quirky and surreal short film that tells the tale of two 17th century duellists who find them selves in a sword fight that will never end.







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