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C Corps have finally destroyed the planet, nuclear war has been and gone, the survivors driven insane by the fallout, oil and vehicles are the new gold, the roads and desert the battlefield. Five clans fight for supremacy on 'The Apocalypse Highway', a death race full of cars and guns, murder and madness.

In the heart of this insane tournament, something terrible is about to be awoken, a forgotten power that not even the apocalypse could kill and the Clans will have to choose between 'The Race' or the earths survival

Written and directed by Ciaron Davies, 'Apocalypse Highway' is a spectacular futuristic hell ride without breaks and an exploding accelerator that will blow your mind.


A dark horror set in Ireland. A group of people who have never before met are invited to spend the night at a castle, given roles to play in a bizarre competition with the promises of the winner getting a karge cash prize. However all that glitters is not gold and the contestants slowly sink into a grizzly hell where all is not what it seems. Dark pasts surface as the truth of this strange competition is revealed along with the castles deathly history, a tale of terror steeped in horrific pagan rituals.

Written and directed by Brett Halliday

Currently in pre production


The sleepy small town of Yellow Creek is about to get a rude awakening when the local Sheriff has to deal with a group of cut throat bandits, hell bent on taking the town for everything its worth. In Yellow Creek everyone has a dark secret and not even the law are exempt. This lazy frontier town is about to become the backdrop for the biggest ever shoot out the west has ever seen.

This is a violent revenge movie full of twists and turns, high drama and high voltage action, culminating in a viscious and exciting conclusion of blood soaked vengeance.

Currently in Pre-production


This epic TV Series is based on the true life story of Grace O Malley and a spin off from our feature film, "Grainne Uaile".

A violent and gritty retelling of the life of Grainne Uaile, the 16th century Pirate Queen from Ireland. She was a fighter, a pirate and a tough woman, carving her mark in a mans world. This exciting film is violent, dark, brutal, exciting and often darkly comic. The ultimate female action hero steeped in ancient Irish history.


Epic feature film based on the 16th Century Chinese novel.  The extraordinary taLe of the legendary pilgrimage of the Tang dynasty Budhist monk Xuanzang who traveled to the "Western Regions", Central Asia and India, to obtain Buddhist sacred texts. Her three protectors, including The Monkey King, Zhu Bhajie, and Shiro Kishibie must face dangers together in order to atone for their earthly sins. An incredible story of adventure and enlightenment, filled with stunning action, intrigue, stunning characters and beautiful locations, Journey into the West is an epic action and adventure movie that spans three continents. Currently in development.


 The adventures of a small boy who journeys into another world to find his father. A dark fantasy, "Wonderland" is a thrilling roller coaster ride. Enter a world of elves, goblins, magic, warriors and things that go bump in the night.

Directed by Ciaron Davies with a large ensemble cast, it is currently in production.



An epic feature film about the life of Cu Chulainn,the hound of Ulster. Set in ancient Celtic Ireland, this is a time of witchcraft, war, power struggles, gods and goddesses, political intrigue, high adventure, excitement, drama and sadness.

Gritty, violent and fast paced the movie is written and directed by Ciaron Davies and is currently in pre-production.









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