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Learning through the use of theatre and drama is a very powerful medium. We currently have a number of productions, that we tour around the country and perform in Schools. Our productions are designed to foster an interest in arts, culture and the community. They also assist students in developing communication skills, creativity and are designed to run in conjunction with the annual national curriculum. Our productions are always entertaining, educational, high quality and affordable. You can see a list of our current production's below. Contact us for more information and make your booking now.


 Set in the cavern below Elsinore Castle, Rosencrantz and Guildernstern take us through the entire tragedy and play all the parts as they discuss all the characters and give their opinions about what is really going on in Denmark. The production covers all the key scenes in great detail and their is audience interaction where the students get to ask each character questions about their personalities, involvement in the story, relationships with the other characters and important plot points. Students can even ask William Shakespeare questions about how he wrote Hamlet. This is a fast paced production that is highly entertaining and very informative and will be a great asset to anybody studying Hamlet this year.




 This production is aimed at a younger audience and tells the story of Doctor Daphnee, a young female scientist who has an alien friend called Zarzipan. With the help of the children, Doctor Daphnee teaches the alien how to speek English, write things down, learn table manners, tell jokes and integrate into society happily. This production is an audience participation piece and teaches young children valuable communication skills and works well as a platform for creative learning tools. It is a highly entertaining and energetic production.


 If you are interested in booking one of our shows for your school get in touch right now and we will send you an information pack.


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