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Our aim is to create original, thought provoking and entertaining productions that push digital film making to the limits. Have a look through this section to see some of our highly creative previous productions.

2020; The Smoker and the dame who wore red shoes 1 & 2

A film noire fantasy epic based on the novel by writer director, Ciaron Davies. A detective with a dark past, haunted by demons is hired by a sultry dame to search for her missing father. A gateway into another dimension hurtles them into an adventure where nothing is what it seems. Combining elements of noire, horror, fantasy and comedy this film is best described as a cross between "Casablanca", "Blade Runner", "Doctor Who" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." It's currently in production, filming in Ireland and is scheduled for a theatrical release in 2013. The international cast include Alan Slack, Peter Cosgrove, Emilia Ufir, Shawn Sturnick, Tiny James, Mick Fitzgerald, Gerry Wade, Ciaron Davies and Fionnuala Collins. Music by Kerry Whitehouse. Written and directed by Ciaron Davies. Presented in 3D.


The epic story of Grainne Uaile, the 16th Century Irish Pirate queen. A violent and gritty retelling of her life starring Fionnuala Collins and written and directed by Ciaron Davies. It also features Peter Cosgrove, and Ciaron Davies. It is currently in post production.


2012;The 5th Dimension

An epic short film, The 5th Dimension chronicles the eternal battle between Fate and Destiny as they travel through alternative realities locked in an immortal conflict. Shot entirely on green screen, this film has elements of noire, horror and dark fantasy and has the look and style of a 1940's graphic comic book. It is available for viewing in a 3D Digital Cinema Print.

2011/2012; THE FINAL DUEL

A quirky and surreal short film that tells the tale of two 17th century duellists who find them selves in a sword fight that will never end.


A dark and edgy feature film that mixes noire with horror. Nine gangsters are trapped in purgatory and mentally tortured by their leader,Zero. One by one we enter their minds and gradually witness the ultimate 'bank heist gone wrong' from each characters point of view.A super natural crime caper, this film is thought provoking, disturbing and unique.


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